On this friday’s event in Santiago, Chile, Cesinha Almeida has tied against home-based fighter Ivan Galaz and kept the title; Valenzuela beats Ravy Brunow at the fine and takes homes the Challenger GP

The 54th edition of WGP Kickboxing had all the ingredients to make WGP history. And the fight met all expectations. For the first time in Chile, more precisely in the capital Santiago, the event crowned Cesinha Almeida, who fought a great battle against host Ivan Galaz on Friday night, and kept the cruiserweight title (up to 85.1kg) after the judges declared a tie. Another highlight of the night was the Super Middleweight (up to 78,1) Challenger GP won by Victor Valenzuela, who defeated Joans Lorca in the semifinals and the former Middleweight champion Ravy Brunow in the finals. He has now won the chance to go up against division’s champion Jonas Salsicha. Patricio Navarrete and Facu Suarez were other winners of the main card of the night.

The main event held a lot of excitement. Cesinha Almeida and Ivan Galaz were analyzing each other, both alternating good hits. The fight continued, Ivan prefered boxing while Cesinha tried out some kicks, especially the low kicks. At round 2 and 3, Ivan seemed a bit tired, but Cesinha kept up the pace and was superior. Towards the end of the match, Cesinha intensified the pressure, but Galaz defended himself and managed to work his boxing and connect good punches. Ivan still tried to increase his pace in the final round, but it was already late and Cesinha kept the cruiserweight title, right at Ivan’s home.

The Super Middleweight Challenger GP was another big attraction of the night. Ravy Brunow had no trouble defeating Guillermo Benitez by knockout in the opening round, and Victor Valenzuela did the same with fellow countrymen Joans Lorca but in the second round. In the finals, Victor and Ravy began at a frantic pace. Valenzuela imposed himself at the beginning and won the first round, but Ravy recovered well and came back in the second. The third round was decisive and open, with a lot of exchanges and the two athletes giving everything they had, keeping Chileans fans at the edge of their seats. In the end Valenzuela’s strength prevailed, winning by unanimous decision. He has now won the chance to face Jonas Salsicha for the Super Middleweight title.

The other two highly anticipated fights were the battles between Argentines and Chileans. While Patricio Navarrete did not need an extra round to knockout Nicolas Ryske with his powerful low kicks, Ryske’s pupil Facu Suarez ended up getting the better of Felipe Artillero in a very exciting fight that got the audience up on their feet. On the Superfights of the night the highlights were Brazilians Iury Souza and Lais Fiona. While Iury showed all his dangerous repertoire when knocking out the Chilean Sebastian Martino, Lais imposed herself on Aylin Sobrino and won by split decision after great match. Felipe Diaz and Jacqueline Ayala were the other winners of the evening. The night also had five undercard fights.

WGP 54 – Official Results
Cesar Almeida defeated Ivan Galaz by unanimous decision
Victor Valenzuela defeated Ravy Brunow by unanimous decision
Patricio Navarrete defeated Nicolas Ryske by knockout in the first round.
Facu Suarez defeated Felipe Artillero by unanimous decision
Victor Valenzuela defeated Joans Lorca by knockout in the second round
Ravy Brunow defeated Guillermo Benitez by knockout in the first round.

WGP Super Fights – Official Results
Lais Fiona defeated Aylin Sobrinho by split decision
Jacqueline Ayala Aguilera defeated Marti Martinez by unanimous decision
Iury Souza defeated Sebastian Corral by knockout in the second round
Felipe Díaz defeated Maykon Brendel by unanimous decision

WGP Undercard  – Official Results
Joaquin Morales defeated Emilio Venegas by unanimous decision
Cristian Barraza defeated Julio Jara by unanimous decision
Kevin Briones defeated Cristobal Bristeño by knockout in the second round
Jakob Von Senger defeated Arturo Vergara by knockout in the third round
Nelson Rojas defeated Matias Magna by unanimous decision